Monday, August 16


This weekend Wesley went out of town to have the FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT 2010 with his buddies. So what do I do? CALL MOM!!!! Mom came up Friday night and we made a game plan for Saturday. I had already hit Scotts Friday afternoon and really wanted to take advantage of some of the great interior stores around Atlanta we never get to go to. We got up early Saturday and shopped around all day long! We went to the stores Renee told us about in this post, and stumbled upon some others in that area we didnt know were there. SO FUN! Of course we had to make a stop at our favorite fabric store

I got some great swatches and am planning to add a little to our guest bedroom soon.
Saturday night we were a little tired from shopping, yes I said it, my mom and I DO get tired from shopping! So we went to see Eat Pray Love.

It was good to me, but LADIES dont make the hubby go! I always love Julia Roberts, this was a little slow at some points but overall I would say see it. Maybe catch it on the night they give a discount! This is one time I dont wish I would have read the book first. Not my kind of book!
Sunday we finished up our weekend by hitting more shops and doing a little pick me up to our place! I'll show you pics this week! I love it when my mom comes we have such a blast together, and we did a little eating, praying and loving ourselves!

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