Tuesday, August 10

Fabulous at 50

As you all know, last week was my Mom and Dads birthdays and Mom turned the BIG 5-0! What you didnt know is we were planning a SURPRISE party for her in Cordele Friday night. My mom is too cute and fun to have the traditional "OVER THE HILL" party so we had a "FABULOUS AT 50" bash. Dad picked her up earlier in the afternoon in a limo and took her to get her hair & nails done and then they went to have some pictures made of them at the lake. When they pulled back up to the house this is what they saw....

Russ' new girl!

SURPRISE!!!! She sure knew how to strut on the red carpet!

Mom was a little teary-eyed when they opened the limo door. I think she was really happy to see her family & closest friends there to help her celebrate In Style!

Speaking of In Style...We brought out this FABULOUS magazine cover of mom.

We also invited Elvis to provide some entertainment...

This was the Photo Booth we set up for everyone to take Fabulous Pics.

We ended the night rocking out to Guitar Hero for a couple of hours.

I guess I should explain the character next to me is my brother, Russ, dressed in a wig to get more Rocker Power!

and playing the BEST game ever called Just Dance, you have to hold a remote and mimic the person on TV. HILARIOUS!

It was a success! I am so glad we got to have a party for mom since dad had to share his with my wedding!


  1. LOVE IT!! Looks like y'all had so much fun!!

  2. LOVE this...especially the In Style cover, ha! Such a cute idea- I hope I have a party like this when I turn 50 ;)

  3. Everything looked fabulous and that yall had a great time!

  4. Love this!! The party looks perfect!!