Tuesday, August 3

Hamptons with the Hills


* i know not the best pic, but with kids you have to take what you get!!
We are home from our wonderful trip and I cant wait to share our travels with you. I flew up to New York with the family I nanny on Friday July 23rd.
Reese was pretending she was in First Class.....with DORA!

They have a wonderful house in Bridgehampton. They are 2 miles from the beach and surrounded by farmland. It is so quaint and relaxing out there, no wonder all of the people from New York go there for the weekends. I spent the first part of the trip "working".....
We had a water balloon toss on the beach one day

Stuart, 10

We went on walks to find shells then Lanier and I decorated them

Lanier, 8

We went shopping...Lanier found LILLY!

We went to the Farmers Stands to get fresh produce to cook at night.

This stand was pictured in the one of the recent Martha Stewart Living Magazines.
We spotted Wildlife in the backyard.

And built Sand Mountains!

Reese, "2 and a half"
It was so fun to join the Gordons on their vacation....but I couldnt wait for Wesley to get there!

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  1. It looks like y'all had such a good time! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!