Thursday, September 23

Playground Decor

Reese and I collected these at the playground this week. I have NO IDEA what they're called, But they did fall from a tree. Anyone know what these are?

I put them in one of my R.Wood bowls on the table and it looks so cute. The POP of green really helps on those dark parsons tables. I love the look and they were FREE!


  1. they are some sort of fruit I think! They are all over COlumbus!!

  2. Those my dear are Osage Oranges... they're not edible. But apparently they keep away fruit flies if you tuck one in your fruit bowl. My Mom and I used to buy them in the fall to keep in a bowl like that. Very pretty.
    I'm Erica by the way... from Moth Design. Came across your blog and decided to stay awhile. :) xo e