Tuesday, October 19


This past weekend we ended up traveling to Auburn for the Auburn vs Arkansas game. I'm so glad we did, the weather was perfect and the game was awesome with Auburn ending in an undefeated season thus far. (they haven't played the dawgs yet! haha) Wesley's friends went in together to get a Tailgate Guys tent. It was so nice they set it all up for you, the tent, TV, chairs, table...right by the stadium! We are trying to get one of these for the Auburn vs UGA game too if you wanna get in on it!

They named the tent Knuckleheads.

Hudson was so sweet all day!

I brought pumpkin dip, and it was a hit once people knew what it was....it DID look like hummus. I saw Candice dip a tortilla chip in it and I stopped her before she took a bite! THANK GOODNESS!


  1. LOVE your dress Hollie! Bring it this weekend!

  2. I was thinking how much I liked it too! So cute!