Friday, October 29

What a Week

Man have I had one of those weeks. Im not going to throw a Pity Party about everything that went wrong, even though I would love a reason to eat a slice of cake. Here are some pics from last weekend at our 3rd Annual Girls Weekend, if you want to know more about what we did check it out here, here, or here!

Went out to Dinner

Met Ziggy- (the MAN, the owner, the pianist, the bongo player, the DJ, the guitar player, the singer, the photographer)

Played with hats...

Did a little Cupid Shuffle

Went on the beach

And carved is mine!

Thinking about how much fun we had makes my week so much better. AND its Halloween weekend so another great weekend planned! Hope you all have an awesome Halloween, I cant wait to see pics of your costumes!

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