Wednesday, October 6

SwEeT SmiLEs

This past weekend I went to Charlotte to visit my sister and her sweet family. I got there on friday and picked up the boys from school, they were so excited to see Aunt Hollie.

We played on the playground

and met this little tater-tot, how freakin' cute. I had to share!

Then we went and played at their house until it was time to read books before bed.

Saturday morning we went to watch Brecken play soccer

Team Prayer...AWWW!

Krissie was ready for the water break

We took a nap and went out shopping for the afternoon and finished the day watching football.
Sunday we cooked "Goat Burgers" for breakfast. We had the best help in the kitchen. Our own little Su-Chefs.

We got in one quick game of baseball before I left. What a wonderful weekend with the sweetest nephews!

1 piece of bread
1 egg

Heat skillet to med-high heat. Spray with non-stick spray. Meanwhile, cut a circle out of the middle of the piece of bread. (TRICK: use the bottom of a canned good to make the circle) Spread with butter. Place on skillet and crack egg in the middle. Let it cook for about 2 min*, then flip and cook for another 2 min. While it is cooking, place cut out circle of bread on skillet to toast too. Plate it and eat! *
Cook egg to your desire of done, we like ours a little runny and sock it up with the bread!

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