Thursday, November 11

Guest Room Re-Do

This is what our Guest Bedroom looked like before this weekend. It was so drab and I couldn't wait any longer to make a change. I got all of this custom made when I left college and moved to the big city to become an ADULT...well it is a little too mature for me and I needed some fun in this room. I didnt want to get rid of everything since it was all handmade, just add a punch and keep it "grown-up".

Before the bed was pushed to the side of the room to create the illusion of a bigger space and also with hopes to find a desk to fit that room. Well sorry HUBBY but haven't found a desk and now since we changed the room around....hope that left-side-of-the-couch is a good enough desk for now!
This bed was my inspiration picture

I re-covered the headboard in this bright coral solid and added wings to the sides with board from Home Depot, batting, fabric, and a staple gun. We nailed it to the existing headboard and got the look I wanted! TA-DA!!!

WOW! What a difference lighting makes. We centered the bed and pulled those "black-out"panels back and let the light shine in. The sunburst mirror was above our bed, but it just fit way better right here.

Here is what it looks like with no pillows

All thats left is adding nail heads down the sides and getting a pillow made from this fabric. LOVE!!!

I am so happy with how this has turned out and it looks alot happier for all of our special guests!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! This looks amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Hollie, I absolutely love what you have done! They are such subtle changes, but make a huge difference! Your whole apartment is too cute!

  3. pillow fabric = amazing Actually- the whole room = amazing!

  4. love this! can't wait to come test it out!!

  5. I just randomly found your blog through someone else's. I love your dragonfly pillow! Where is that from??

  6. Hi Tracy,

    I got this fabric a couple years back at Louis & Sharon, I think. I had the pillow custom made. I am about to have another pillow made for that room, and I would be willing to sell you that pillow. Let me know if your interested. Thanks, hollie