Wednesday, November 10

Plenty of Projects

This past weekend we were in town and I got so many things on my Project List checked off!
I saw this at Ballard Designs

and made it myself

All this took was a glue gun and some burlap. fold the edges and glue and then glue it around the back. Now I have to get some pretty flowers to go in mine.
I also hung the plates I got at Anthropologie above our Kitchen sink.

It is hard to get a picture of these with that pendant light hanging down. You can see my fall decor on the shelf. Reese and I picked acorns for the vases and the pumpkins are the same from this post just turned around for Thanksgiving. Im thinking they might be painted gold by the end of the week.


  1. I know I mentioned this when I saw the plates in person for the first time but I am OBSESSED with them...the color, the design, EVERYTHING! i bet they look great over the sink :) Thanks for sharing (And love love that vase!)

  2. I saw the DIY project on another blog, and I LOVED it! I need to do this with mine! Everything looks so good!!