Sunday, November 14

A House Divided

As you know I cheer for the Bulldogs and Wesley roots for the Tigers. So the UGA vs AU football game is so fun for us every year. All of Wesley's family was there, which is a whole house divided too!

We like to make a bet or two before the game....

Looks like I will be Cooking & Cleaning ALL WEEK!!!
I thought the dawgs put up a good pun intended...and played one of the best games all year. And Cam Newton didn't disappoint Auburn once again...unless they find a chunk of change in his couch cushions. Im excited for my husbands team to be coming to ATL for the SEC Championship, too bad we booked our New York trip for that weekend. (Yeah, he is a little upset about that one)
I made Jill's Toasted Pecan Goat Cheese, and before I could get back to take a pic of it this is what it looked like. It was a HIT!!!

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