Friday, December 10

Christmas at the Hills

We too are decking our halls. FA LALA LA LA LA LA LA LA! Im so excited its Christmas Season and our house feels so cozy with our decorations. Here are some snapshots of our Holiday Home.

Mema brought me back this sweet Kissing Ball from her trip our west.

I got this great idea from Mrs. Dorsey. I bought a picture album and put in my friends christmas cards I got that year. This is 2009's album.

Of course I had to show this spread of Maggie & Jill.

We dont have a ton of decorations yet, so thats one thing on my christmas list this year. MORE DECOR!!!


  1. Hollie, I love all of your decorations! Your tree looks great! I especially love the idea of the photo album for Christmas cards!

  2. Love all of the decorations. I love the photo album too! Also, I love the Christmas pillows!

  3. Hollie,
    Your tree and that painted wall look amazing!! And we do have the same pillows!! Did you get yours at Walmart or are mine the knock offs? And by the way, even though I swore I wouldn't, I just bought 2 more bags of those candy cane kisses.
    Merry Christmas!