Tuesday, December 14

FOR HIM Stocking Stuffers

So after yesterday's post a couple of you wanted some ideas for the guys stockings. Here are a few things I came up with
A Flashlight
cufflinks- monogramed maybe
Collar Stays
pocket knife
Personalized Golf Caps
Gloves with the finger pads for touch screens
Omaha Steaks Gift Card
Razor Blades- I got this one from a guy
Bass Pro Shop Gift Card
Beef Jerkey from Striplings
Digital Alcohol Detector- Im not promoting this...just saying

Power Balance Bracelet
Magnetic Wristband for small parts
Hot Hands
and for the hunter....DOE "P"....I had to buy this once
or a wii game
Fishing Lures
a new tie
a Magazine Subscription
a guy movie
Golf Balls
Hope these help with your stuffing! I tried to pick out a couple of things for every guy, the hunter, the sports guy, the handyman, etc. Merry Christmas!