Friday, December 17

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Here is our fat little Christmas tree this year.
and here are all the gifts after a weekend of shopping & wrapping

I always dream of having a beautiful color coordinated tree, but there is something so special about a tree decorated with ornaments that mean something. Since I was born my mom & dad gave us an ornament every year that symbolized something in our life that year. I have gotten a UGA ornament, high school graduation, cheerleading, newlywed, doll houses, and many more. The deal is when you get married mom packs up your box of ornaments and that is what you use to decorate your first tree together as a newlywed. We haven't gotten our box of ornaments yet...only due to our lack of storage space in our little apt, BUT when we get a house I will use them on my tree too! I have also started collecting ornaments on trips we have taken. It is my way of collecting something (besides shot glasses) and when your decorating all those ornaments bring back memories of our travels. Here are a couple of our recent ornaments...
Vegas with my girls (will never forget that)
Our Honeymoon in Mexico (there werent many ornaments in mexico)
Seattle to see our friends
From our New York Trip
My boss gave me this sweet ornament it has a pic of us from our wedding
and the back is a small print of our invitaion (i know hard to see)
From our ski trip where we got engaged
1 year anniversary in the Hamptons

For now I'll save that color coordinated tree for another room when we get a bigger place!


  1. I love this! I need to remember to get ornaments when we travel or for special occasions!

  2. I love all of your ornaments!! I will have to remember to pick some uo trips too!!