Tuesday, January 11

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

We have alot going on at our house right now...
Remember my cousin Laura Lyn from this post
Well she is our new roommate for a couple of months.
Wesley is in Pheonix, AZ for the National Championship so thankfully I had a playdate for the snow day yesterday!

check out those pointed toes
We wanted to support the SEC so we made
We bought some mixing tubs from Home Depot and headed to the parking deck of Target, the downhill slope was perfect for our afternoon of fun!

The nanny in me found this cute little girl to take on a ride
Last night we watched the Big Game! Im so happy AUBURN won!!! WAR EAGLE!
I have talked to Wesley a couple of times and they are having the best time ever. They have been out there since Friday and MR. HILL isnt coming back until Wednesday!!! I am so ready for him to come home, but so glad he got the opportunity to go watch his team...and play some golf.

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