Monday, January 3

Santa Came!!!

On Christmas morning we woke up to watch our nephews scream with excitement over what Santa had brought. It was so cute and brought back those memories of being young and waiting to go downstairs to see our gifts. It always felt like a little miracle happened every time! I just couldnt believe it!

This is my mom's beautiful tree, she has over 700 ornaments, elves, rotating candy and tons and tons of lights. It takes her forever to get it decorated. Oh, and of course all of our prezies!

It was a watch christmas for everyone

Mom got a surprise TV from Dad, and Dad got a surprise TV from Mom
After we finished opening presents with my family, we rode over to see Wesley's family and open gifts there.

This is ALWAYS a good face to see
Wade with his new briefcase for his new job
Before we knew it we were back in the car headed to my other grandparents house to have Christmas Lunch and swap more gifts. My uncle Bob had me and gave me a beautiful Santa Clause. Wesley got this blown up Sports Illustrated cover of Cam Newton from Aunt Lyn.

The rest of our time was spent relaxing with family and having a little birthday party you that tomorrow!
Wesley already has jack playing football.

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  1. Is that the dancing, singing Santa from our work party? ;-) Your mom's tree is amazing!