Thursday, January 27

Valentines Day

Some people LOVE it, Some people HATE it either way its coming up! I have had some requests to post gifts for this special day. I guess first I need to tell you that I think Valentines Day is not a day for gifts necessarily; it is a day for expressing your feelings. Cheese-ball I know but its true. Some people choose to do this through gifts, others through dinner & flowers.
Here are some gifts for the ladies:

NOTE: It would mean even more if it weren't the standard roses but maybe her favorite flower or plant

Love Letter

Last year wesley wrote me an old fashioned love letter, he even folded it like we did in high school. It is probably my favorite valentines ever!

chocolates or her favorite sweet

NOTE: Going out or Cooking at home for your girl would be nice. Set some candles and play some music to set a romantic tone. AND if your going out in ATL you better get on a list somewhere soon.

Anything Spa

NOTE: Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Massage it doest matter girls like to go to the spa! If you book a couples massage you get double the points!

NOTE: You do not have to go to California for this. There are some great Wineries up in North Georgia. Frogtown & Chateau Elan to name a couple.

One of these prints from Made By Girl


I love these Dogeared Necklaces. So sweet & dainty. Also makes good bridesmaids gifts ; )
or go BIG with Diamonds
NOTE: I have a friend that says "Start out like you can hold out" so be prepared to go BIG next year too!

And For the Guys:
This is really hard because I really don't think V-Day is a gift holiday for the boys...BUT if you want to do something so you aren't empty handed here are some ideas.

Cool Beer
NOTE: Fresh Market, Whole Foods and World Market have create your own 6 pack options with tons of domestic and imported beer to choose from.

Framed Picture
NOTE: Most guys dont take the time to print out pics and frame them; this is a good opportunity to frame a keeper for him.

Movie or CD
The new Amos Lee CD just came out if thats his style

Tickets to a concert, comedy show, movie, anything you could do together...together is the key!
NOTE: Remember you are saying its V-Day and I want to show you I want to spend more time with you 'cause I like you...BABY!

For Both
Photo Book
Dating? What about a Key
Not a key to your heart kinda thing, but a key to your place. Maybe your ready to take that step?

I know Wesley has already made plans for the 14th but he is keeping me guessing as to what we will do. Are you getting your other something special? I would love to hear your ideas!