Wednesday, January 5

We're gonna party like its my Birthday

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm so excited to see my friends tonight, Wesley has told me to be ready to go at 7pm, I cant wait to see what he has planned.
The last night we were home, mom & dad cooked an amazing dinner for mine and my brother-in-law- Chris' Birthdays. Mine today the 5th and his one day behind, BUT many years older, on the 6th! This was our mixed cake.

And here are the handsome Chef's
It took all 4 of us to blow out the candles

I got the Droid X
Chris obviously LOVED his gift
We invited over some of our family and ended the night playing Michael Jackson The Experience on the Wii. It was AWESOME!!
Jack cleaned up the mess when everyone left


  1. How do you like the Droid X?!?! You have the TV remote now too! HA

  2. Looks like y'all had fun! Happy Birthday!!!