Friday, March 23

Deal of the Century

Sorry I have not been keeping you updated with our house projects. I promise I have a lot to show. 
I have been busy busy getting ready for 12 girls coming next weekend.
I do have to take a quick minute to tell you about the sweet deal I scored at Scotts last month.
My mom and I were walking around outside and passed by this light fixture, 
I thought it could be cute with a paint job and some new wiring.
So I got it...puke green and all.
I painted it one night with a quick coat of the Whythe Blue I used for my front door.
Still not really knowing where I was going to hang this guy.
Last night I was flipping through the One Kings Lane  H & H Home Tastemakers Tag Sale
and what do I see?????
AHHHHH! My fixture in yellow for sale for how much??? WHAT??
Can you see that? Retail $1,125 and Our Price $549!!!
Are you serious? 
Now are you ready for the deal I got? I paid a whopping 
Yep just one Jackson and the fixture was sold to one lucky girl!
Happy Friday..I know mine will be I saved $529 so I'm going shopping.
AND Im going to see Hunger Games tonight
 Whoo Hoo


  1. So fun to find great deals! Who are you going to see the Hunger Games with? I wish I was in Atlanta and could go with you!

  2. Amazing!! And it's so pretty in person. I want to see it hanging in its new home!