Wednesday, March 14

A Night with Eddie Ross

Last night Nicole and I went to Travadavi to an Eddie Ross event. It was super fun! He spoke on setting a table and working with what you have. Here is the table he had set up for the party. 
It was so beautiful. The flower arrangement in the center was absolutely gorgeous.
He used a mosaic patterned tablecloth with modern orange and gold rimmed dinner plates to become the backdrop for the antique chinoiserie plates he found in London. 

He talked about mixing napkins, candlesticks, napkin rings, salt/pepper shakers, glasses, and other accessories around the table to keep the table interesting and fresh. 

 I definitely learned some great tips and tricks and it was cool to meet him.
He is the master at taking the old and making it new!
Here is my favorite room makeover he did...

Check out the rest of the room here.
Also, if you are a bride in Atlanta (hint hint Lauren) Travadavi is the place to go...even to just get ideas.
They have an insane amount of china and some really beautiful flatware. 
And its our friends Sara Lloyd's aunts shop 
 Sara with Eddie Ross showing off the sugar rimmed champagne flutes.
Green for St. Patricks Day! So cute!


  1. Holly I love it! Thank you for coming!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun!!