Monday, March 26

House Updates: Master Bath

I am hoping to fill you in this week on what we have been doing around here.
My parents came back up this weekend to help me knock a few other things out. It has been a little tough to get everything done when my partner has been gone for the past 3 weekends on Bachelor Parties. Arg!
We have been working hard during the week, but I needed a little extra help from the parents.
I picked up my shower curtain from my seamstress last week. 
I was thrilled with how it turned out, but the extra length meant extra weight. Too much for those tension rods to hold. So another run to Home Depot and I came out with wall mounts for the rod.
Dad helped me install and wah-lah...
I had 5 yards of this Windsor Smith for Kravet fabric and had it bordered in an ivory linen. This curtain is about 96"long and hangs from ceiling to floor. The best part is that it matches the paint that was already in the house so I don't HAVE to paint...before the party this weekend. 
Here is what my kitchen looked like on Saturday....are you dying to know?
 BYE BYE slate floor, you will not be missed!

Now hopefully everything will go as planned and I will have a new kitchen floor before this weekend. 

or I will cry!

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  1. Love the shower curtain!! It looks awesome! Can't wait to see the floor - so exciting!!