Thursday, May 17

Did you see?

I admit I am still a Bachelor/Bacherlorette TV show lover. I think I say every time, "I'm not going to watch it next time." But I just can't seem to tear my eyes away from the drama. Plus, I am super excited about watching the oh so beautiful Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette.    

Did you see Emily A Clark's post yesterday on the mansion they are filming at in Charlotte?
If not go check it out; it is fun to see where the action is taking place. I totally agree with her on how dark and gloomy it is..and how creepy egg guy was. I think the guy with the green shirt was pretty scary too! 
I have another confession...I somehow got Wesley to watch Mondays show with me (I think the pretty girl helped) but at the end of the show the Fitness Model got booted and I was really annoyed when he started taking his shirt off saying this is what Emily is missing out on, but WOA!! SERIOUSLY??? After revealing his sculpted bod Wesley and I both agreed he should have walked in without a shirt!!! Did you see that part?

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