Wednesday, May 16

Laura & Zacks Wedding

This past weekend we went home to Cordele for Zack and Laura's Wedding. 

photos by Sunny Lee
We grew up with Zack and he has been a long time friend of both Wesley and myself.  We were so happy to be a part of Zack and Laura's big day. My Mom and I threw the bridesmaids tea for the girls on Friday afternoon. (I will post about that party soon) Friday night we joined the wedding party at Daphne Lodge for the Rehearsal Dinner. 
 I started feeling sick during the dinner but thought nothing of it...ended up spending all of Saturday in the bed with a fever and sore throat. Somehow I made it to the wedding with my parents.
We scooted into the reception so I could say my hello's and see my handsome husband who was a groomsman in the wedding.

 The candy bar was filled with the best treats!

 Their cake was covered in dates, numbers, places, and sayings that mean 
something special to the bride and groom.
 and after the first dance I was out of there and into the clinic. Yes dress and heels walking into the Cordele clinic gave the nurses something to talk about. One nurse asked if I was going to Prom??? hmmm
I hated to miss the rest of the wedding but I felt horrible and it was confirmed to be Strep!
Now I am on antibiotics and resting up for Laurens wedding this weekend. 
Don't have time to be sick around here!

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