Monday, May 14

Cinco de Late-o

I am a little behind on sharing our Cinco de Mayo party with you. We were so excited to host a party...our first party at our house. We sent out invitations via Paperless Post. Super easy and tons of cute invites to choose from. Some are even free!

 We started saturday morning at the Stache Dash 5k with Brince and Laura Lyn and Wade and Kate.
We were all dressed in our mexican gear including sombreros and mustaches, all fake except for Wesley. He grew the real thing!
I know I look so serious in the pics, but if I smiled my stache would fall off. 
Oh and just to prove we weren't the only ones dressed to impress I snapped a picture of this guy crossing the finish line as a taco!
 Now with some extra calories burned we were ready to start the party!
Wesley helped me hang lights over the porch which made it feel party worthy.
I made these fun vases with a little tissue paper and scissors. 

Of course I had to deck out our chalkboard wall for the occasion.

Alyssa brought a piƱata and filled it with minis. And yes we actually hung it and blindfolded the boys to knock it down. It was one of the best parts of the night. 

 Me, Kate and Alyssa
 Wesley decided to keep the mustache on for the party, it was pretty hard not to laugh every time I looked at him. 

 Cheers to an awesome Cinco de Mayo!


  1. So fun!! Everything looked great!!

  2. So fun! I love the costumes for the 5k!