Friday, February 25


Last Sunday wesley and I went to hit tennis balls at the PGA superstore. For $20 you can rent the court and hit from a ball machine for an hour. It was so fun and I am determined to become good at this game!

Wesley with the ball collector that looks like a push mower
Before that, we had stopped in Brookhaven to go for a walk and check out some houses. This house is on the market and caught our eye. We both love the shingles and the ivy growing on the porch.

I know its just a picture of the house this week. I've been spoiling you with all of these amazing homes inside and out, but truth is most houses I see that I think "Oh, I have to use that one on the blog" are gorgeous on the outside but may not be quite blog-worthy on the inside. This house has good "bones" but
just trust me you arent missing out on the inside of this one decor-wise.
I am going to start flip-flopping between showing houses I like from the street, and houses that are beautiful inside too! I hope this doesn't disappoint you too much.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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