Monday, February 14

Happy V-Day

I wish all of you a wonderful & romantic valentines day with someone you love! I am getting ready now to go to dinner at 7:30, but I still dont know the destination. It is exciting to have a surprise to the night. I am just happy to spend some quality time with my husband! AWWWW!
I also want to wish my little brother, Russ, a Happy 21st Birthday today!

While wesley was hunting this weekend I rode over to Athens to have a birthday dinner with he and my parents. We dined at NONA (the new Harry Bissetts) and then went back to his place to eat cake and open presents.
On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens to walk some trails before we headed home.

The weather was perfect! Im so glad I got to help him celebrate turning 21! Now he throw away that Fake ID and go have a beer...legally!

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