Wednesday, February 23

Speed Reader

In just one week I have finished not 1 but 2 of Lauren Conrad's books.
I started with L.A. Candy
and then moved to Sweet Little Lies

I am ready to move on to book number 3

and then of course her Style book has to be read.
I am not a huge reader, but these are super easy reads and make you feel like you have a little inside into LC's reality show life.
Have you read these? What do you think about the books?


  1. I would love to borrow one. I have a few pages left on the book I am reading now and looking for something to start next. Would you mind?

  2. I loved these books! I think I finished one of them in 24 hours!!

  3. I heard they were so good and now you have motivated me to read them! Thanks for the B-day wish yesterday, and I just love your blog!!