Wednesday, November 30

Complete Chaos

Here is a crazy update on our life:

Last Wednesday: Closed on House and left town for thanksgiving
Thursday: Thanksgiving Lunch and a midnight drive back to Atlanta
Friday: BLACK FRIDAY shopping for new appliances
Saturday: Wesley's parents came to help us start moving
Sunday: My parents came for project help
Monday: Movers came to bring our furniture
Tuesday: Pest Control and Painter came
Wednesday: EXHAUSTED!!!

Here are some snippets of our chaos
 Just removed the refrigerator and a cabinet
 Mom helping paint
 Cutting new moulding
 Primed Cabinets

 Priming the Kitchen walls
And one whole bedroom is stuffed with boxes!!!
Hopefully by the end of the week our kitchen cabinets will be done!

1 comment:

  1. Y'all have done so much already!! I cannot wait to see what you have done!