Sunday, November 20

When the husbands away....

The wife will CRAFT!! While Wesley was off hunting this weekend, I decided to make some crafts.
I started with the Ruffle Tree Skirt I found on Pinterest. I talked about it in my 
 It wasn't hard, but took a couple hours
Here is the link to the tutorial
 With my extra burlap I decided to make some wreaths. They do not have their bows on yet!
 I tried different ways to figure out which I liked better....the one above takes less fabric and less time. 
You may not believe it but there is 3 yards of fabric on the one below!!!
I hope with a bow they look something like this....uhhh and a better camera!
Which do you like better #1 or #2? 


  1. I like #2! So fun! Love the blog's new look too :)

  2. I love it all! Especially the tree skirt! Now I know what I am doing on Wednesday. :)

  3. You did so good!! I love them all!!

  4. The tree shirt is AWESOME!!! If you are my secret santa, there's an idea ;- wink wink.
    I vote #2 but adore both. Impressed Mrs Hill.