Monday, November 14

Go Dawgs!

Woo Hoo! The Dawgs beat the Tigers!!! This is such a huge game for us, not only because we now go to the SEC Championship, but because Wife beat Husband! (all in good fun)
We all had a ton of fun, maybe too much fun, on Saturday.
So many friends came to tailgate.
 Trent, Alyssa, Amy & Jeff
Katie & Sam
 Laura Lyn, Me & Leslie
 Wade & Kate and their friends
 Family Photo
You see Wesley's parents stayed neutral!
Kate, Me & Whitney
 Meghan & Russ stopped by
 Mema & Daddycurt
The game started out with Wesley & I in the Georgia section... at halftime wade, kate & whitney swapped and let him go to the Auburn seats....too much to handle.

I dont know who's fault it was
Beat Down

 AND what would a trip to Athens be without The Loft
 I forgot to take a picture at the tailgate, but I managed to make a couple more cake pops for the weekend. Red velvet for UGA and the blue ones actually have blue-dyed cake in the middle.
See you in Atlanta at the SEC Championship!!!!

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