Friday, November 11

Cake Pops

Today is Stuart's birthday and he gets to take a treat to class. He wanted ice cream, smooties, anything that cannot be easily taken to school. So I get the idea of cake pops...and he likes it...Score! I start emailing/calling the couple of companies I found and never heard back....Fail! I tried one last call yesterday morning before I realized...I got to learn how to make cake pops...TODAY! 
For the first timer, I think they turned out pretty good. 
 I had a cute sprinkle helper
 Stuart was so excited when he got home. He couldn't wait to take them to school today.
 I used funfetti cake mix for the center. 
And I followed Bakerella's tutorial and it wasnt so bad
Adding "Cake Pop Maker" to my resume!
Happy Friday and GO DAWGS!!!!

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