Thursday, November 3

Birthdays & Football

Last Friday night we had a surprise party in Auburn for Wesley's friend Andrew.
He had no idea his sweet girlfriend, Kaci, had gotten us all together.
Publix didn't quite get it right on the cake.
Happy 30th Birthday Andrew!
Saturday= Game Day
 It was FREEZING! We went into the Lettermans Lounge to warm up and look what we found.
 Need a closer look?
 Do you see Wesley's football pic....check out that hair!
Andrew, Hunter & Nicole had a blast laughing at all the guys old pictures.
Saturday was also Nicole's Birthday which made our tailgate the Cupcake tailgate...48 cupcakes!
Auburn won....BUT I was more excited getting updates on the UGA vs. FL game where the Bulldogs scored a big WIN! Go Dawgs!

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