Monday, September 10

Delivery, Delivery

I left you guessing at what my coffee table was going to look like last week. 
Well here it is in all its glory.
Since I chose marble for my dining table I knew I had to fulfill my zinc obsession with a coffee table.
I had it made from a company called SDS Designs based out of Florida. They are a dealer at Scotts Antique Market every month. Steve and Nancie were great to work with and made the table just like I wanted. 
I thrilled with how it turned out. The Zinc top is beautiful and the color of the wood stain is exactly what I needed for my living room. 
I am in love. I also had Steve build me a console table. I sent him pictures of tables that I was looking at and he once again did an awesome job. I love how this table gives me some height and allows me to display some of my other Scott's finds and photos. 

He made this table for me in one week so I could get it at the show. I would highly recommend SDS Designs if you have any upcoming projects. Send them a picture and they can build it.


  1. Love it! I think you need to become a furniture designer!

  2. I must admit our styling looks quite good! :)