Tuesday, September 18

Something at Scotts

I was so excited to go to Scotts this month. I picked up my 2 tables that I talked about here. Here are some other items that made me stop.
I really wanted a pair of these to use in a guest bedroom as bedside tables. 
 I have decided I have to have a garden stool. This one needed some love; the black and floral painting was chipping off but a beautiful blue was peeking through. 
 Here is a different take on a chalkboard calendar. I think this would be so cool in a mud room. 

 We almost died when we turned the corner to find these awesome  signs of places around Atlanta from    Patina Factory.
Nicole and I both decided we have to get one of these.
 These chests were stunning!!!
 I found this desk for my brother-in-laws office, exactly what he wanted for $400.
 This driftwood christmas tree would be so fun to decorate for the holidays
 I don't know what you see, but I see potential. I scored this old wine bucket for $30! I can't wait to show you how I am using it.
I purchased one other thing on my list...you will have to see what it is tomorrow. 

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