Wednesday, September 19

Here's what I got...

I showed you yesterday one of the items I got at Scotts. I passed by the old brass beverage bucket and knew it would be a perfect addition to our home. Here is how I am using it
I found this small Fiddle Fig Leaf tree at IKEA the other day. Can you believe it? Ikea is now on the Fiddle Fig bandwagon! It looks so good in my brass bucket and gives a punch of green life to that corner of our dining area. 
And now on to the other item I snagged. I walked by this garden stool once and saw the beautiful blue underneath but even at a great price of $45 I didn't know if I wanted to take on that job of scrapping it all off. I decided later in the day it was just too good of a deal and I better go claim it. When I got back the dealer was scrapping the paint off for me...I guess he knew I was coming back.

It looked like this
We made a deal and he scrapped the rest of the paint off for me and brought it to Buckhead for no charge! And here is the beauty that was underneath it all.

I was crazy excited! It looks perfect in my house and for $45 I could not be happier.
Have you scored any good deals lately?


  1. Love the garden stool! It look brand new!

  2. Coming along quite nicely! Love it all!

  3. So jealous of your steal of a deal on the Chinese garden stool! I am always on the look out for one!

  4. your home is so pretty!! I just saw it on The Everygirl and started reading up on your blog! Congrats, not only on TE, but on becoming a mom! How exciting :) I will admit- the cake fail cracked me up. I totally thought it was a DIY gone bad. wow!