Wednesday, September 5

Getting Grid-y

I have always loved the look of art hung in a grid pattern. I knew I wanted to put this look somewhere in our house and finally decided over the couch was going to be the perfect place. Here are some of my inspiration photos.
 I had a pretty big space and I knew it was going to take a lot of frames...I didn't realize at first that 15 was going to be the magic number. 
 It took me about a month to collect all 15 frames. I ended up choosing a frame from Wal-Mart; it was $9 and came with the style mat I liked. That was going to save me extra $$. 
 The problem was Wal-Mart only carried about 2 or 3 of these guys at a time. Uhhhh, I drove all over this city and even had my mom looking for me in south Georgia. 
 After I collected them all I decided that I wanted the frames to be gold. Then another week went by so I could get them all shiny and golden. 
Here is the end result over my couch with my new pillows.
 I filled the frames with colorful abstract art that I love.  Once we got the center three hung it was a piece of cake hanging the rest. 
I really like how the art takes up so much space and really adds so much color and warmth to the room.
Here is the before:
And now the after:
 oh and do you see my new light fixture? Score!
What do you think?