Wednesday, September 12

Grasscloth Mirror DIY

A few years ago I bought this mirror from Ikea. 
It has been great and I have loved having a nice full length mirror in our home. I kept looking at it and thinking it needed something or maybe I should paint it. As some of you know anything Ikea is a pain to paint because none of it is real. It is a plastic type finish that seems to resist paint. So after flipping through a recent West Elm magazine I decided I needed to add grasscloth to my mirrors frame. 

I bought some beautiful grasscloth from Wallpaper Plus in Atlanta. I didn't want to ruin the frame just in case the end product was a disaster, or later down the road I get tired of this look too. (you can tell I like to change things up a lot)
I started with the top and bottom and then added the side pieces. 

I used my handy dandy hot glue gun and in about 1 hour I was done. 

I am still debating on adding nail know my obsession with those too!

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  1. That looks kick ass! I think the nail heads would be a great finish. Go for it.