Wednesday, April 11

Easter Break

Our Easter break started on Thursday with a trip to the Masters. We snapped a quick picture before we went inside. The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze. The rain held off until we left. 
We got to follow Tiger, Bubba, and Duffner (wesley's boy since he went to Auburn). 
After the long day we took a short drive to Metter to visit his parents for the weekend.
After watching more Masters the boys couldn't handle it anymore 
and we had to go to the driving range on Friday to practice.
We quickly found out why none of us are getting paid to play...sorry guys.
 This weekend was Another Bloomin Festival in the small town. Whitney, myself, and Mrs. Marcy went to watch their 3 yr old neighbor dance. How cute are the outfits; they had tailfeathers!
 We couldn't resist the homemade ice cream
Easter Sunday we spent with the Hill family. 

Wesley's little cousin got a Nerf gun in his basket, but we ended up having 
way more fun with it shooting each other. 
 I say little cousin, but this is Luke...he is 4!
He is such a sweet guy! I think he was pretending to be tough in this pic.
 The Easter Bunny left us some treats too! We joked that the energizer bunny stopped by our house since all of us got workout gear.
  Meanwhile, the rest of my family was at the lake hunting eggs with my cute nephews.
 and my brother was watching Bubba Watson win the Masters on Hole 10!
Can you spot him?
He is in the yellow shirt and his buddy Rick is in the blue. 
They were beyond excited! Hope your Easter weekend was exciting too!

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