Monday, April 16

A Day at Scotts with Me

I know I talk about Scotts Antique Market so much and most of my house is decorated with my finds. So I thought I would document my day at Scotts so you can experience the fun with me.
After a couple cups of coffee I headed down to Scotts Friday morning.
Here are a couple pointers
 Wear comfortable shoes!
 Lighten your purse. I always pack this across the body bag.
 In my bag I bring cash, checkbook, license, credit card...all forms of payment! I always bring a measuring tape, camera, and my little book filled with all my measurements for things Im looking for. I throw in some gum, candy, lip gloss and a pen. Not too much, a heavy purse is not fun to carry all day!
 I grab some breakfast, a smoothie and 
MorningStar veggie sausage (one of our freezer staples from Costco) and head south!
I always start in the South Building. They have a huge outdoor market where you can score some really great deals. That is where I got my lighting
One of the items on my list is a coffee table, but I am always open to finding other good things.
Right off the bat I noticed this oval french gray table. It was super cute and I had some ideas floating around my head of what I could do to jazz it up. Castors...dipped legs...
It was a great price too $50!
I thought this piece was cool too. It would be great to put down a hall or used as a sofa table.
This piece was $450. 
 Ok so not the Coca-Cola sign but the side table with storage was made of really good wood and very sturdy. He had two that could be awesome for an outdoor patio. $125 each but he said he would do both for $200.
 I wandered inside to see if the guy with the coffee tables was there. He wasnt, sad! I guess it was a sign that I shouldn't spend that much though. But in his space was this beautiful settee begging me to take it home. At a price tag of $1600 I had to leave it there. Extra Sad!
 I spotted these beautiful beaded bracelets at one booth, and since friendship bracelets are all the rage I went ahead and grabbed a couple. 
 They were from $7 to $22 and made by kids in Guatemala. Some of the money from the sale went back to the children. How could I say no??
I am on the hunt for two dining chairs and these caught my eye.
 I have always been in love with this lighting
 This little piece is so cute. I think it would be perfect in a bathroom with a sink in the middle.
 This antique hutch with chicken wire in the middle would be so cute almost anywhere.
 Loved the color pop on these barstools.
 These fixtures have been a favorite too. I had one custom made for my house.
 This lady is fairly new to Scotts, her headboards are beautiful. 
 The shapes and fabric choices are awesome and I think the prices are good too.
 I am really digging these burlap wrapped canvases with art tacked on with nailheads. 
 There is so much fun stuff to look at. Here is what ended up in my car at the end of the day.
This old bread bowl. I have BIG plans for this on my table.
 These fun beaded bracelets.
 And yep I went back for the coffee table. 
I do have some bad news. I love the table and I measured, but even I do make mistakes sometimes. The table is way too small for my living room and I have no other space it would work. I am so bummed, so now I am selling this guy. No profits just $50 what I paid. I hope I can find it a good home. 


  1. I have been itching to go to Scott's and this eye candy makes me want to go even more! Where did you get your picnic table? I have been trying to find one and I love that yours looks so long!

  2. Great post, and I love the coffee table (boo that it's too small)! Can't wait until I can go with you to walk WITH your shoes this summer :)